Friday, December 18, 2009


The world is a pretty noisy place.  We have television and radio rattling on in the background, YouTube videos and all manner of information textual information to devour at our fingertips.  People - family, friends, coworkers, or that guy on the bus who shot you a dirty look.  Pets.  Bills.  Whether it's audible noise or mental noise, the volume of our lives can be deafening.

Sometimes this becomes overwhelming.  We lose our focus, can't "hear" anything.  We end up giving up on our life's projects and immersing ourself in that constant static hiss.  So many outlets for this - TV, movies, music, alcohol or other drugs... Sometimes we get lost in the informational deluge of our times.  A lot of the time we can do something about it.

I recently stumbled upon a lovely blog called 'Daily Cup of Tao', where I had read one of the best posts I can remember reading since I ventured into the blogosphere a few months ago:

"All conversations end in silence."

Simple.  Profound.  All of the life we paint in the world sits on a canvas of nothing. All of the noise we make starts with silence and will end there, too.

I invite you to take 5 minutes out of your evening.  Turn everything off: computer, television, radio, lights, kids (good luck).  Eliminate all of this pesky little distractions that daily life brings.   Find a nice comfy chair.  Or better yet, a cushion on the floor.

Sit down.


(and enjoy the silence)

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  1. 'lo Aaron! I have stumbled upon your blog, and it sounds very neat! It's kind of timely- I feel like I'm into some of the same ideas now (in fact, have been reading some of the same blogs) so I'm interested to keep reading this!


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